Charu creative - 03Familiar to you, must have heard about it or seen it’s advertisements. Just like any other jewellery store, this one too has seen a balanced ratio of struggle and success. Their belief in maintaining a ‘common yet uncommon’ persistence has made them hold a strong possession in people’s mind. You might be associating every jewellery brand either with an adjective or model or their campaigns, but the one you are reading about can be associated with their urge to be an innovative brand in its own. Breaking the stereotype of similarities in jewellery, they have engraved their pillar of solidarity and uniqueness. CHARU JEWELS is the answer to the praise you read and they too truly own their appraisal like a boss. Being the heart of Surat City, Charu Jewels has always made a point to serve their customers and clients the best of their store. Their magical play with the edgy diamonds and golden rust has always resulted into a glorious victory of producing impeccable jewellery. Having dedicated their journey of hard-work and glory to its people, Charu Jewels is indeed the one that will cater your need for a beautiful piece of jewellery.

The pioneer in designing diamond jewellery started their journey in 1989. The constant quest for an extraordinary designs and creations, culminating service, irreplaceable quality and handcrafted jewellery have not only embarked their growth and recognition but have also made Charu Jewels bring home several awards and nominations. Located at Surat- the land of diamonds, they have flourished immensely and is now one of the trusted brands in the industry. From bridal jewels to minimal wear, this brand has a lot to offer you. Name an occasion and you shall find the perfect match for all your festivals at Charu Jewels. This jewellery brand is indeed made for people like you who has the spark of wearing style class apart or let’s just say jewellery class apart. With 25 years in this industry, the jewels they still create are never seen before and they truly glorify your personality once you choose them. Till date they make sure to connect to you in every way possible. They are happy to serve you with joyous pleasures of wearing diamond jewellery.

Talking about their brand equity, Charu Jewels has always made a point to create a long-lasting impact and is still keeping its best foot forward to turn it into an ever-lasting impression. From different campaigns like the ‘crafted only for you’ to ‘colour your senses,’ the brand impact on you has been the reason for them to deliver you an infinite galore of creative jewellery. Associating their products with a single colour black or with different strokes of bright colours, you must have surely felt an attraction towards their uniqueness of highlighting their jewellery. Trust Charu Jewels and you shall always be known for your flawless fashion and divine diamonds.

 Purity, Pride and Power- an extravagant yet rare combination to find and feel through diamond jewellery. But yes #CharmingCharu has it in store for you.