The title has said a lot but is yet to connect with you. Being a Surat resident, you might be familiar with Charu Jewels as one of the renowned store in the city of Diamonds. #CharmingCharu has charmed your beloved’s personality with subtle shine and bold embrace. From ‘Saying it with the jewels’ to ‘Crafted only for you,’ it has been about the gems you would dress yourself with and only for you. Things have now taken a new outlook for you to trust Charu Jewels more than you ever did. With #ColourYourSenses being the new face of the campaign strategy, you must have felt the brightness and colour connect in their presentation.  With its launch on Holi- the colour festival, you have been introduced to those colourful strokes as enticing as the jewellery presented. The colourful play must have drawn your attention towards the jewellery as well. Glorious as Gold, Striking as Silver, Delightful as Diamonds and Charming as Charu, together they make an entrancing collaboration of beauty and their makers.

As you know single jewellery compliments different occasions, similarly Charu Jewels has now taken a step forward to bring in another picturesque of #ColourYourSenses. Apart from colours, NATURE is that another reflection of the campaign that focuses on the natural beauty complimenting the diamond beauties. The hustle of leaves, the calmness of wind, the majesties of environment, the nature around is as enthralling as jewellery you wear. The marvellous nature around has always been an amiable companion of you. The provider of your demands, Nature along with Charu Jewels is now giving you a fascinating joy to your jewellery. Diamonds and nature are the erudite masters of royalty and peace. The impeccable jewels have now established a rhythm with the Gods of nature. This is reflected on the campaign presentation. Creating something usual with an unusual and unique charm that would entice your personality with serene and subtle shine is what Charu Jewels wishes to give you. Minimalist Magic created by those minimal and delicate jewelleries gives you an insight about the calm and composed quality of the nature around you. The nature also plays with colours through their seasons. From pastels to darker shades, nature has variety of colours to showcase and each colour compliments those jewellery showcased. Surprisingly, this emotion which was at times unnoticed is now the speaker of its beauty. The majesties of the environment have always witnessed the glory of jewelleries. Those unsung stories of jewellery and nature is now seen by you and the creators- Charu Jewels take pride in connecting to you the natural way.

The summers, the spring, the rains, the autumn, are now presented in a charming way. As meticulous as you, the jewels and nature couldn’t connect to you in a better way. Those water droplets will now compliment your rough-cut beauties, diamonds. The auspicious beads of your mangalsutra will be connecting to you with its composed attributes. With Charu Jewels you can again and forever Colour Your Senses with Serenity, Subtle and Shine.


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