Charu Jewels- 12th Anniversary Celebration

Charu Jewels- 12th Anniversary Celebration

Charu Jewels- 12th Anniversary Celebration

Charu Jewels is enormously euphoric to hit the 12th Anniversary of a family they started in 2004. It is and has been a great gratification to succour their customers the ideal of what they can. Charu Jewels has always astonished everyone with its ideas, concepts and designs. From charming Charu to Colouring Your Senses, Charu Jewels has spread joyfulness in our lives and will continue to do the same.
It is the sparkle of the diamond that makes the lady’s smile sparkling and its precision that adds an explicit glimpse. From unceremonious to solemn, Charu jewels has played a vital role in a woman’s individuality, and will continue to do the same with more diligence and devotion. And yet again on the felicitous occasion of our 12th Anniversary they have brought a jouissance for their customers. Charu Jewels has organised a celebration offer from 13-15th May 2016. Charu Jewels is offering all the customers 15% worth FREE DIAMOND JEWELRY on their purchase.
Charu feels delighted and is looking further only with the objective of spreading more and more gaiety each year. On the commemoration of the anniversary, Charu decided to share its happiness with all their customers by offering them the gift of diamonds. Just like the elegance of jewelry is incomplete without being worn by a lady, the celebration is incomplete without your presence. Charu is and will always be grateful to their loyal customers, for it’s your love that has helped them reach this far. And they hope to grow, more and more each year only for you. Serving as a status symbol especially in forms of engagement rings, wedding bands, the combination of gold and diamond rings have always been an all time favourite of people from various strata of the society with no limitation on gender. The elegance delivered by the combination of diamonds and gold cannot be topped by other gemstones.

Charu Jewels is known for its quality work, and has always offered their customers what they love. And that is why they are sharing their happiness with all the beautiful and pretty ladies. With completing 12 long years of trust and gratitude towards one another, Charu is glad to also launch its IVAT COLLECTION this season. A collection of precious jewelry added together just for you. Defining the traditional aspect and reliving the old days of the Mughal Era, Charu jewels is honoured to bring to you the collection of heavy and traditional jewelry. With the epoch blend of Kundan and Polki, the collection gives a royal yet an elegant look at the same time, adding richness to your majesty, and bringing out the queen in you.
It is not just the happiness that Charu is spreading but is spreading joy through their fine artistry and is looking forward to be appreciated. Charu jewels is obliged and exuberant, to provide you with its finest collection of diamond jewelry worth 15% free. Charu has been experimenting for years, and has surprised all of us, with its extraordinary creativity of its concept and jewelry. Charu Jewels has been using the social media platform to reach its customers and share the current designs for their views and reviews. Diamonds attract attention with its spark and unbelievable radiance. A wide array of ornamental forms can be found such as rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets. These days, diamond jewelry is accompanied with a touch of gold which adds to its sparkle. Amongst a host of diamond jewelry, diamond rings serve an excellent accessory to enhance ones personality.

A woman’s persona is as bright as the sparkle in the diamond, her idiosyncrasy is as precise, and at point, as that of a perfectly cut diamond, she shines out in the crowd and Charu helps her build out her identity motley. It is she who polishes every bit of her personality with hard work and turns herself to a precious gemstone herself that anyone around her feels privileged to be a part of her life. The charisma she unfurls is what she truly showcases about herself. An elegant lady’s secret is her honest appearance and shining throughout is her brawn. Most of the women today prefer adorning themselves with round cut diamond rings that look elegant on their ring fingers and makes them stand out in a crowd. A small and sober looking diamond can make a difference, enhancing your personality, in case you are wearing at work. An unusual combination of white gold and yellow gold, making for a two toned bands with a raised diamond looks majestic. Gold and diamond rings match with any outfit that fulfils the need to look elegant and appealing in a crowd.

Charu Jewels has been the trailblazer of handcrafted diamond jewelry since 2004, and 12 years are long enough to build a notion in the minds of the people. It has been gaining trust of its customers time and again and hopes to continue its image same as until now. Charu’s forte of experimenting with their collection has changed the idea of jewelry in the industry. The ladies have graced themselves in the jewelry pieces of Charu, and each lady’s elegance is personified with the stone around her neck, her wrist and fingers, have looked graceful always. Be it occasions of weddings, parties, or any other success story, Charu feels immensely fortunate to have been part of all the smiles, laughs and giggles and the exquisite portrayal of every woman has added to the beauty of their jewelry. Lately, diamond rings with a touch of white gold have evolved as a style statement amongst women. Wearing trendy diamonds on their fingers with the most stunning cuts, particularly emerald cut diamond rings with prong settings, which gives a feminine edge to this combination of jewelry in particular. There are many styles of diamond rings with this amazing combination that has been adored by every woman for centuries.
Diamonds have been a woman’s best friend and the most desirable naturally occurring mineral of them all. But these days, it’s a dream come true for women when gifted with a ring that is embedded with a sparkling diamond. Diamond rings are worn on various occasions, especially when it comes to engagements and weddings. Having said that, a solitaire diamond ring is traditional and at the same time, trendy, that offers incredible emission of spark, especially, if it has to be a round brilliance, not forgetting the gold band, be it white gold or yellow gold.


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