7 Things to gift your Father this Father’s Day

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  1. Smart Phone


If your dad has been delaying buying a new phone, smartphones are a good gifting option. Since they come in almost all price segments, you can easily select one that suits your budget.
2. Smartwatches

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Dad already owns a smartphone? Smartwatches are a great option too! Match it with his smartphone for him to make the most out of it and get best experience.

3. Head Phones


Is your dad fond of listening to music or watching movies? If yes, a good pair of headphones is the way to go.

4. E Readers


If your dad loves reading, an e-reader will be perfect. E-readers have benefits like long battery life, glare-free displays and the ability to hold hundreds of books at a time.

If money isn’t a constraint, the Kindle Oasis, priced at Rs 23,999, is undoubtedly the best e-reader to get.

5. Tablets

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Tablets are also a great gift, as they are perfect for watching movies, looking up news, checking e-mail, as well as browsing the net and reading books. They offer everything e-readers do, and so much more!

6. Portable Hard Drive:


If your dad is a bit of a geek and has a vast collection of movies, music and photos, gift him a portable hard drive. Not only is it great if he wants to enjoy his movies on his tv, it is also a safe storing option all of his digital content.

7. Cufflinks


Charu Jewels cufflinks are the most stylish and the best way to show your dad that you care for him. You can also check out the other range of gifts for your dad on




Be modern, Be jeweled.

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Jewelry has always been an essential part of every woman’s life. It is something she cherishes for lifetime. A piece of jewelry stays with you for a long period of time and lives each day of your life with you. A beauty of a woman is reflected by what she wears on herself and the beauty and charismatic effect of jewelry depends on how a woman carries it. No doubt every woman looks gracious with every piece of jewelry she owns making her look extravagant.

Apart from the basic jewelry we all know about, are some jewelry that people don’t know of. There are a number of other ornaments, apart from earrings, necklaces and finger rings. Jewelries that are designed keeping in mind the modern society and the modern generation. Having extraordinary and new designs, these modern ornaments provide you with a look so different that you stand out from the crowd. The usual ornaments Like Bangles, Rings, Nose Rings, Pendants, Pendant Sets, Earrings, Tanmaniyas and Necklaces can also have an exquisite twist in its design and pattern which can be found in the collection by Charu Jewels.

It is not necessary, that modern ornaments are made of beads and shells and stuff that are found and can be provided easily and may not be liked by the Indian society. Although, even with the rich combination of Gold and Diamonds a modern design can be created, what it only needs is a touch of something unusual and deviant. “The youth, would want unique and offbeat designs, unlike the wonted floral patterns. And so, for them we have some modern designed jewelry that not only consists of the unusual designs but designs that inspire and reflect the youth.” says Mr. Nikhil Desai, Director.

Charu has always been unique with its collection of jewelry whether that is animal carved designs or designs that reflect the modern society and make your look 1000 times better and different from the usual crowd every time. An ethnic jewelry has its own flavour but when it is engraved with modernity it elopes and comes out to a different level of beauty. Every ornament that you pursue looks different every time you get into the crowd with your choice of jewels. The modern look and modern designs always look different from the gaggle and shine through.

Because every look needs to be exclusive, every piece of jewelry you wear needs to be extraordinarily beautiful and charming.