Now Create Your Look Book With Charu Jewels!


Today’s women do not prefer the regular and repetitive design styles that have been pitched to them for years. They strive for something new and extraordinary that makes an impression and signifies their look. A distinct design is what a lady looks for and the wishes have come true, with Charu Jewels and the Conventional Bluff. The ordinary is not what Charu Jewels seeks, nor does its clients. Charu Jewels is here with its latest campaign, the #ConventionalBluff, which presents the most intrigue and unusual designs. Just like how Charu Jewels experiments with its campaign, you too can experiment with your look. Charu Jewels brings to you an opportunity to create your look book.

Every woman adores her jewellery and outfit and wants it to be exquisite from the rest of the crowd and your chance is here at Charu Jewels. An outstanding collection and types of jewellery are available at their store as well as the web-store. Charu Jewels has a vivid collection of the Best Bangles, Precisely designed Pendants and Pendant Sets, Recreational Rings, Earrings Enhancing your look, Trippy Tanmaniya designs and Blazing Bracelets. A look nobody can forget! With the new campaign, the Conventional Bluff which means fooling the usual and presenting you with designs that have never been seen before.

Enhancing your look in every possible way is the dream, and to conquer the same is a delight that cannot be measured. The shimmering diamond designs create a dilemma of what to pick and what not to. The Conventional Bluff Look Book is all about creating and recognising a whole new side of yourself and experiment with your look that can’t fail, but only increases your charm and beauty. The aim to provide the most unusual designs is inspired from, ‘Like each woman has her own beauty defining her, the ornament she owns should be just as unique as she is’. An ornament you can relate to, an ornament that you own and whose worth, you know is more than anything or anyone.

“The aim is to beat the regular and showcase the trendiest and relishing designs of all times. Our thorough objective is to captivate our clients with best, in class, artistry and jewelry that brings out the new look with every piece” says Nikhil Desai, Director.

Charu Jewels has been exceptionally creative with its designs and concepts and has left nothing unfinished in terms of quality and precision. The designs of all its ornaments be it the Bangles, Bracelets, Rings or Earrings, its each piece of art is breathtaking and the shine they offer you is unmatchable to any other ordinary jewelry that isn’t conventional. They experiment with your look and add up to your beauty. To create your look book and bluff the world with the unconventional collection of jewelry, visit the official web store of Charu Jewels at


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