Charu Jewels brings fresh designs this Autumn!

charu-autumn-post03Charu Jewels has been inspiring us with its eccentric, never ending, glamorous designs and ethnic artwork over the years. With Charu Jewels you can not only experiment with your dressing styles, but, can also recreate your wardrobe and jewellery collection. Bringing to you the latest and the most beautiful designs, Charu Jewels is yet again proud to offer the best in class designs that have sophistication, ethnicity, royalty and charm all together.

In the past few months, Charu Jewels has been experimenting with their social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Charu Jewels has been sharing their latest jewellery collections and designs and are available on their web store only for your comfort and convenience. The web store offers you a wide range of jewellery for both men and women. The Couture Jewellery has the most exclusive designs and shine you can’t resist. Explore the most exquisite ornaments and stylish jewellery collections that will enhance your look and add up to your beauty.

Charu Jewels has never disappointed its clients when it comes to jewellery or its display. Charu Jewels has been taking steps to keep in constant touch with their customers either with social media or events happening around. Charu Jewels recently showcased its intriguing artwork at The Wedding Festival, 2016 and is currently going to display its bridal jewellery collection at an exhibition, Swayamvar, from 9th to 11th September 2016 at Gandhigam. The event includes their best wedding jewellery that will enhance the charm of the bride even more. The fine artwork and précised craftsmanship will provide you an experience that will certainly make your special day remarkable. The Brilliance, the Shine, the Precision and the unmatchable designs can only be pursued at Charu Jewels.

Showcasing in their latest social media campaign #StylishAutumn are the autumn jewellery collections. Bringing out the best couture jewellery for your precious occasions and moments, Charu Jewels has brought for you the master artworks and excellent bunch of ornaments that will enhance your wardrobe and bring out the unconventional style and charm that nobody has seen before; for both men and women. This autumn, with leaves there will be falling Elegance, Grace, Brilliance, Richness, Precision, Debonair, Enchantment, Ethnicity and Tranquility. Suiting your style statement that uplifts your outfit with its touch, Charu Jewels brings to you the treasure you can cherish for a lifetime.  Get the most distinctive and extraordinary designs in Bangles, Bracelets, Earrings, Tanmaniyas, Pendant sets, Necklace sets for women along with Rings and Pendants for both, men and women; and multiple accessories for men, only at the web store.

Live a dream and get dressed like a dream girl for your loved ones at your special occasions. To find the latest designs, and royal yet classy pieces of art, visit the Charu Jewels Web Store at:


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