The Brand bid adieu to 2016 by showcasing their best designs.


2016 has been a roller-coaster for many and emerging out with glory has sealed the year on a good note. Charu Jewels, one of the renowned brands of Diamond City – Surat, has said goodbye to the year 2016 by presenting their 12 best designs. Many being nominated in different jewelry awards for their design and detailed artwork, Charu Jewels has sculpted these beautiful jewels that can compliment every personality. From delicate to divine pieces of jewelry, the amalgamation of all the elements in every jewel wear is just perfect.

Another motive of the brand that is reflected through their work is a celebration of women’s beauty. Each jewel crafted speaks for the strong, bold and beautiful women out there.

The designs, shape, and all the elements do not only present glamour and shine but also resemble different cultures celebrated till date. A modern touch or a classic cultural embrace, the appeal is irreplaceable.


When vintage culture combines with modern choices, a beautiful jewelry like this is crafted. It is a perfect selection of kada for your graceful wrist. Not so gaudy neither too heavy, a flawless touch to your personality deliberately created for your beautiful hands with the extravagant diamonds



A perfect blend of gold, diamonds, and emeralds designed for you to shine out strong within the crowd. Providing you with a tribal yet sophisticated design, the kada inspires the originality of an individual and signifies the strong women through the rich and elegant portrayal of the elephants.



The Crown Ring has a very royal yet an elegant and modish finish. It is an exquisite and elegant design is rare to find. The Crown Ring has a very royal yet an elegant and modish finish to it that would compliment your western as well as the ethnic collaboration. Increases the style factor in your wardrobe, this is the one ornament that recreates your fashion.



It is a bespoke artwork on gold with precise diamonds and blue magic. It is totally a surreal charm on women’s wrist. Infusion of gold and diamonds is done on point keeping the elegance unaltered.



This Ring indulges the colors of peacock signifying energy, vibrancy, and positivity. It is also carved with pearls that define elegance and sheen. The shimmering gold and flickering diamonds with detailed and conceptualized design recreates your style statement.



The ‘Radiant Ring’ is a fusion of Indian and western that compliments any outfit. The peacock ring is a brilliant and amazing combination of beauty and style. The intense colors of the peacock with the glitter of diamonds in every designed feather makes the ring grand in every way possible.Each feather is studded with a diamond of its own portraying the self-embrace and shining women of the 21st century.



Pearl, Gold, Diamonds, and Design, all demands are fulfilled in one. The richness and detailed design of the set make it look effortlessly glamorous. A perfect set for your royal occasion. Wear it as a set or necklace or earrings, the spotlight is on you.



This Divine Artistry highlights eternal love through the carving of emeralds, diamonds, pearls and gold into a perfect form. The jewelry highlights all the elements related from the era of Radha Krishna being the flute, the peacock, and the leaves that portray the Vrindavan.



This many-hued pendant with coruscating diamond flowers and bewitching butterfly design portrays the alluring nature. This unique pendant breaks the monotony of chaste floral designs, it encounters another part of nature, the bonny butterfly. As a portrayal of beauty and several shades in her, this pendant cherishes the beauty of every living soul.



Vibrancy is what it feels at the first glance. Resembling the bird as a free soul, this piece is inspired by the growth of women. The feathers of the peacock are designed with glistening diamonds which represent the free flying of an individual soul.



As a symbol of eternal love, this is a vivid and an aesthetic work of art. The Sapphires and Diamonds add the charm even more. The pendant is inspired by the first dance of the couple, exhibiting the centre point of their love as man and wife. The blue sapphire stones, the diamonds, and the pearls make it look exquisite.


A jewel designed considering the glamour and simplicity that women carry themselves with. The gold, diamonds, and pearls are increasing the richness and royalty of the jewel.

The stylish yet royal designs by Charu Jewels in 2016 will surely give you goals to add them to your jewelry box in 2017. Check out the web-store to add impeccable pieces of jewels to your treasure box this year.


Tales of love, beauty and celebration!


Walking down the lane of memories, the one thing that always makes us happy is the box of Jewelry. From the traditional treasures to glamorous diamonds, every piece has a story attached. Be it the jewelry of your wedding day or the gifted ones, these treasured moments just gets fonder by every passing day. The color of the jewel stone to the delicate look of a bracelet, Gift of love to a gift for love, jewelleries have always created a charm in every moment and relation. The confusion between that royal Indian look and minimalistic magical look, especially for Surtis, has been sorted out by the unmatchable artwork of Charu Jewels. Being aware of the trends, the brand is always a step ahead to give one the best of jewels in the city. Be it for yourself or your loved ones, disappointment can never prevail in their store.

The onset of winter has always been a delight as the season of gifting kick-starts. And nothing better than jewelleries can express the emotions better. Keeping the thought of love and diamonds, Charu Jewels this time connected with the city-zens through their #TinyTales. Their latest social media campaign that highlights the concept, gift a priceless moment to loved ones. The pictorials are a series of shine and love that glow up in the dark as well. Reciting those tiny tales that have been a part of everyone’s life at some stage, sets up a personal connect between the brand and people. The beautiful indulgence of jewelry by the brand has presented a connective outlook on the social media platform. It similarly focuses on how jewelry can be an epitome of every relation. “For us all our customers hold a special place and to create something equally as special as them has always made us happy. With the gifting season at its peak, we are more inclined towards giving them the kind of jewel gift they are looking for,” says Mr. Nikhil Desai, Director of Charu Jewels.  To this Mr. Amit Desai, Director of Charu Jewels, added, “Today everyone is more into social media and online portals to figure out their shopping list. And this is why to stay more connected to everyone we launched our web-store, It is our pleasure and motive to have a close connect with all the jewelry lovers”.

Under the umbrella of adjectives, two words that completely define Charu Jewels and their work are Precision and Perfection. With précised details carved on the raw materials, the end result appears as a paradise look alike. The endless dedication is what the brand gifts you in the form of its jewelry. Passing on the heritage of creativity in abundance, Charu Jewels makes it customers or let’s say extended family trust them more than before. This gifting season has been embarked with love, emotions, diamonds, happiness, and another set of endless moments to be treasured. Signifying the memories of #TinyTales with jewels crafted into pendants, tanmaniyas, earrings, necklace by Charu Jewels, perfection is constant.