The Brand bid adieu to 2016 by showcasing their best designs.


2016 has been a roller-coaster for many and emerging out with glory has sealed the year on a good note. Charu Jewels, one of the renowned brands of Diamond City – Surat, has said goodbye to the year 2016 by presenting their 12 best designs. Many being nominated in different jewelry awards for their design and detailed artwork, Charu Jewels has sculpted these beautiful jewels that can compliment every personality. From delicate to divine pieces of jewelry, the amalgamation of all the elements in every jewel wear is just perfect.

Another motive of the brand that is reflected through their work is a celebration of women’s beauty. Each jewel crafted speaks for the strong, bold and beautiful women out there.

The designs, shape, and all the elements do not only present glamour and shine but also resemble different cultures celebrated till date. A modern touch or a classic cultural embrace, the appeal is irreplaceable.


When vintage culture combines with modern choices, a beautiful jewelry like this is crafted. It is a perfect selection of kada for your graceful wrist. Not so gaudy neither too heavy, a flawless touch to your personality deliberately created for your beautiful hands with the extravagant diamonds



A perfect blend of gold, diamonds, and emeralds designed for you to shine out strong within the crowd. Providing you with a tribal yet sophisticated design, the kada inspires the originality of an individual and signifies the strong women through the rich and elegant portrayal of the elephants.



The Crown Ring has a very royal yet an elegant and modish finish. It is an exquisite and elegant design is rare to find. The Crown Ring has a very royal yet an elegant and modish finish to it that would compliment your western as well as the ethnic collaboration. Increases the style factor in your wardrobe, this is the one ornament that recreates your fashion.



It is a bespoke artwork on gold with precise diamonds and blue magic. It is totally a surreal charm on women’s wrist. Infusion of gold and diamonds is done on point keeping the elegance unaltered.



This Ring indulges the colors of peacock signifying energy, vibrancy, and positivity. It is also carved with pearls that define elegance and sheen. The shimmering gold and flickering diamonds with detailed and conceptualized design recreates your style statement.



The ‘Radiant Ring’ is a fusion of Indian and western that compliments any outfit. The peacock ring is a brilliant and amazing combination of beauty and style. The intense colors of the peacock with the glitter of diamonds in every designed feather makes the ring grand in every way possible.Each feather is studded with a diamond of its own portraying the self-embrace and shining women of the 21st century.



Pearl, Gold, Diamonds, and Design, all demands are fulfilled in one. The richness and detailed design of the set make it look effortlessly glamorous. A perfect set for your royal occasion. Wear it as a set or necklace or earrings, the spotlight is on you.



This Divine Artistry highlights eternal love through the carving of emeralds, diamonds, pearls and gold into a perfect form. The jewelry highlights all the elements related from the era of Radha Krishna being the flute, the peacock, and the leaves that portray the Vrindavan.



This many-hued pendant with coruscating diamond flowers and bewitching butterfly design portrays the alluring nature. This unique pendant breaks the monotony of chaste floral designs, it encounters another part of nature, the bonny butterfly. As a portrayal of beauty and several shades in her, this pendant cherishes the beauty of every living soul.



Vibrancy is what it feels at the first glance. Resembling the bird as a free soul, this piece is inspired by the growth of women. The feathers of the peacock are designed with glistening diamonds which represent the free flying of an individual soul.



As a symbol of eternal love, this is a vivid and an aesthetic work of art. The Sapphires and Diamonds add the charm even more. The pendant is inspired by the first dance of the couple, exhibiting the centre point of their love as man and wife. The blue sapphire stones, the diamonds, and the pearls make it look exquisite.


A jewel designed considering the glamour and simplicity that women carry themselves with. The gold, diamonds, and pearls are increasing the richness and royalty of the jewel.

The stylish yet royal designs by Charu Jewels in 2016 will surely give you goals to add them to your jewelry box in 2017. Check out the web-store to add impeccable pieces of jewels to your treasure box this year.

Tales of love, beauty and celebration!


Walking down the lane of memories, the one thing that always makes us happy is the box of Jewelry. From the traditional treasures to glamorous diamonds, every piece has a story attached. Be it the jewelry of your wedding day or the gifted ones, these treasured moments just gets fonder by every passing day. The color of the jewel stone to the delicate look of a bracelet, Gift of love to a gift for love, jewelleries have always created a charm in every moment and relation. The confusion between that royal Indian look and minimalistic magical look, especially for Surtis, has been sorted out by the unmatchable artwork of Charu Jewels. Being aware of the trends, the brand is always a step ahead to give one the best of jewels in the city. Be it for yourself or your loved ones, disappointment can never prevail in their store.

The onset of winter has always been a delight as the season of gifting kick-starts. And nothing better than jewelleries can express the emotions better. Keeping the thought of love and diamonds, Charu Jewels this time connected with the city-zens through their #TinyTales. Their latest social media campaign that highlights the concept, gift a priceless moment to loved ones. The pictorials are a series of shine and love that glow up in the dark as well. Reciting those tiny tales that have been a part of everyone’s life at some stage, sets up a personal connect between the brand and people. The beautiful indulgence of jewelry by the brand has presented a connective outlook on the social media platform. It similarly focuses on how jewelry can be an epitome of every relation. “For us all our customers hold a special place and to create something equally as special as them has always made us happy. With the gifting season at its peak, we are more inclined towards giving them the kind of jewel gift they are looking for,” says Mr. Nikhil Desai, Director of Charu Jewels.  To this Mr. Amit Desai, Director of Charu Jewels, added, “Today everyone is more into social media and online portals to figure out their shopping list. And this is why to stay more connected to everyone we launched our web-store, It is our pleasure and motive to have a close connect with all the jewelry lovers”.

Under the umbrella of adjectives, two words that completely define Charu Jewels and their work are Precision and Perfection. With précised details carved on the raw materials, the end result appears as a paradise look alike. The endless dedication is what the brand gifts you in the form of its jewelry. Passing on the heritage of creativity in abundance, Charu Jewels makes it customers or let’s say extended family trust them more than before. This gifting season has been embarked with love, emotions, diamonds, happiness, and another set of endless moments to be treasured. Signifying the memories of #TinyTales with jewels crafted into pendants, tanmaniyas, earrings, necklace by Charu Jewels, perfection is constant.

Diamonds that became the epitome of every relation!


There is a famous saying, “Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique.”

And yes be it a minimalistic charm or a royal wear, jewels just add up a spark to your beauty. Creating an impression matters the most and clothing accessories make that moment complete. A selection of that perfect gem for your strong persona is important, for it speaks for you louder than you do. Not all need an occasion to buy jewels, happiness is all that matters. What makes a difference is the purpose. Buy it for yourself or gift it to your loved ones, jewelleries can never fail to disappoint. With season of gifting being a yearly affair, Charu Jewels this time launched a collection that celebrates relation and the essence of it.

The collection UTSAV, launched during the festival of lights, Diwali, highlighted the aura, authenticity and ethnicity of the festive and the relation bond. Signifying relations with dazzling diamonds and alluring art-work gave a traditional and pure outlook of jewelleries rather than the usual glamour and shine thought. Nothing can replace a relation and nothing else than this collection can surpass their quotient. Distinguishing you from the rest of the crowd and breaking the monotonous patterns, The Utsav Collection brings brilliant traditional yet unconventional patterns keeping you the centre of attraction and enlightening your beauty through perfection and poise that marks your existence.

It is said that, jewelry is a way to keep memories alive and with their social media campaign #RishtonKaUtsav, Charu Jewels made everyone believe in this saying. The campaign and the jewels truly highlighted the meaning of relationship goals. Celebration of love, respect, attachment, emotions and how jewels can be a foundation to these timeless expressions, #RishtonKaUtsav was a treat to social media enthusiasts and jewellery lovers.

Their web-store, showcases the Utsav Collection. The recently launched web-store too is to cater the interests of customers all over the globe. With immense dedication and driving force, the team at Charu Jewels makes every collection speak for itself. “We always knew that this industry follows the concept of innovation and creativity with each diamond in process. And to match the steps within the time-line is our core strength. We are glad to give everyone a collection that uplifts the essence of their relation. Making it easily available at our web-store made us receive more laurels,” speaking the Directors of Charu Jewels, Mr. Nikhil Desai and Mr. Amit Desai.

Celebrate #RishtonKaUtsav with jewelleries that are forever and not timely.

Charu Jewels brings fresh designs this Autumn!

charu-autumn-post03Charu Jewels has been inspiring us with its eccentric, never ending, glamorous designs and ethnic artwork over the years. With Charu Jewels you can not only experiment with your dressing styles, but, can also recreate your wardrobe and jewellery collection. Bringing to you the latest and the most beautiful designs, Charu Jewels is yet again proud to offer the best in class designs that have sophistication, ethnicity, royalty and charm all together.

In the past few months, Charu Jewels has been experimenting with their social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Charu Jewels has been sharing their latest jewellery collections and designs and are available on their web store only for your comfort and convenience. The web store offers you a wide range of jewellery for both men and women. The Couture Jewellery has the most exclusive designs and shine you can’t resist. Explore the most exquisite ornaments and stylish jewellery collections that will enhance your look and add up to your beauty.

Charu Jewels has never disappointed its clients when it comes to jewellery or its display. Charu Jewels has been taking steps to keep in constant touch with their customers either with social media or events happening around. Charu Jewels recently showcased its intriguing artwork at The Wedding Festival, 2016 and is currently going to display its bridal jewellery collection at an exhibition, Swayamvar, from 9th to 11th September 2016 at Gandhigam. The event includes their best wedding jewellery that will enhance the charm of the bride even more. The fine artwork and précised craftsmanship will provide you an experience that will certainly make your special day remarkable. The Brilliance, the Shine, the Precision and the unmatchable designs can only be pursued at Charu Jewels.

Showcasing in their latest social media campaign #StylishAutumn are the autumn jewellery collections. Bringing out the best couture jewellery for your precious occasions and moments, Charu Jewels has brought for you the master artworks and excellent bunch of ornaments that will enhance your wardrobe and bring out the unconventional style and charm that nobody has seen before; for both men and women. This autumn, with leaves there will be falling Elegance, Grace, Brilliance, Richness, Precision, Debonair, Enchantment, Ethnicity and Tranquility. Suiting your style statement that uplifts your outfit with its touch, Charu Jewels brings to you the treasure you can cherish for a lifetime.  Get the most distinctive and extraordinary designs in Bangles, Bracelets, Earrings, Tanmaniyas, Pendant sets, Necklace sets for women along with Rings and Pendants for both, men and women; and multiple accessories for men, only at the web store.

Live a dream and get dressed like a dream girl for your loved ones at your special occasions. To find the latest designs, and royal yet classy pieces of art, visit the Charu Jewels Web Store at:

Now Create Your Look Book With Charu Jewels!


Today’s women do not prefer the regular and repetitive design styles that have been pitched to them for years. They strive for something new and extraordinary that makes an impression and signifies their look. A distinct design is what a lady looks for and the wishes have come true, with Charu Jewels and the Conventional Bluff. The ordinary is not what Charu Jewels seeks, nor does its clients. Charu Jewels is here with its latest campaign, the #ConventionalBluff, which presents the most intrigue and unusual designs. Just like how Charu Jewels experiments with its campaign, you too can experiment with your look. Charu Jewels brings to you an opportunity to create your look book.

Every woman adores her jewellery and outfit and wants it to be exquisite from the rest of the crowd and your chance is here at Charu Jewels. An outstanding collection and types of jewellery are available at their store as well as the web-store. Charu Jewels has a vivid collection of the Best Bangles, Precisely designed Pendants and Pendant Sets, Recreational Rings, Earrings Enhancing your look, Trippy Tanmaniya designs and Blazing Bracelets. A look nobody can forget! With the new campaign, the Conventional Bluff which means fooling the usual and presenting you with designs that have never been seen before.

Enhancing your look in every possible way is the dream, and to conquer the same is a delight that cannot be measured. The shimmering diamond designs create a dilemma of what to pick and what not to. The Conventional Bluff Look Book is all about creating and recognising a whole new side of yourself and experiment with your look that can’t fail, but only increases your charm and beauty. The aim to provide the most unusual designs is inspired from, ‘Like each woman has her own beauty defining her, the ornament she owns should be just as unique as she is’. An ornament you can relate to, an ornament that you own and whose worth, you know is more than anything or anyone.

“The aim is to beat the regular and showcase the trendiest and relishing designs of all times. Our thorough objective is to captivate our clients with best, in class, artistry and jewelry that brings out the new look with every piece” says Nikhil Desai, Director.

Charu Jewels has been exceptionally creative with its designs and concepts and has left nothing unfinished in terms of quality and precision. The designs of all its ornaments be it the Bangles, Bracelets, Rings or Earrings, its each piece of art is breathtaking and the shine they offer you is unmatchable to any other ordinary jewelry that isn’t conventional. They experiment with your look and add up to your beauty. To create your look book and bluff the world with the unconventional collection of jewelry, visit the official web store of Charu Jewels at

7 Things to gift your Father this Father’s Day

Sample_1 (1)

  1. Smart Phone


If your dad has been delaying buying a new phone, smartphones are a good gifting option. Since they come in almost all price segments, you can easily select one that suits your budget.
2. Smartwatches

download (1).jpeg

Dad already owns a smartphone? Smartwatches are a great option too! Match it with his smartphone for him to make the most out of it and get best experience.

3. Head Phones


Is your dad fond of listening to music or watching movies? If yes, a good pair of headphones is the way to go.

4. E Readers


If your dad loves reading, an e-reader will be perfect. E-readers have benefits like long battery life, glare-free displays and the ability to hold hundreds of books at a time.

If money isn’t a constraint, the Kindle Oasis, priced at Rs 23,999, is undoubtedly the best e-reader to get.

5. Tablets

download (2).jpeg


Tablets are also a great gift, as they are perfect for watching movies, looking up news, checking e-mail, as well as browsing the net and reading books. They offer everything e-readers do, and so much more!

6. Portable Hard Drive:


If your dad is a bit of a geek and has a vast collection of movies, music and photos, gift him a portable hard drive. Not only is it great if he wants to enjoy his movies on his tv, it is also a safe storing option all of his digital content.

7. Cufflinks


Charu Jewels cufflinks are the most stylish and the best way to show your dad that you care for him. You can also check out the other range of gifts for your dad on


Be modern, Be jeweled.

charu blog1

Jewelry has always been an essential part of every woman’s life. It is something she cherishes for lifetime. A piece of jewelry stays with you for a long period of time and lives each day of your life with you. A beauty of a woman is reflected by what she wears on herself and the beauty and charismatic effect of jewelry depends on how a woman carries it. No doubt every woman looks gracious with every piece of jewelry she owns making her look extravagant.

Apart from the basic jewelry we all know about, are some jewelry that people don’t know of. There are a number of other ornaments, apart from earrings, necklaces and finger rings. Jewelries that are designed keeping in mind the modern society and the modern generation. Having extraordinary and new designs, these modern ornaments provide you with a look so different that you stand out from the crowd. The usual ornaments Like Bangles, Rings, Nose Rings, Pendants, Pendant Sets, Earrings, Tanmaniyas and Necklaces can also have an exquisite twist in its design and pattern which can be found in the collection by Charu Jewels.

It is not necessary, that modern ornaments are made of beads and shells and stuff that are found and can be provided easily and may not be liked by the Indian society. Although, even with the rich combination of Gold and Diamonds a modern design can be created, what it only needs is a touch of something unusual and deviant. “The youth, would want unique and offbeat designs, unlike the wonted floral patterns. And so, for them we have some modern designed jewelry that not only consists of the unusual designs but designs that inspire and reflect the youth.” says Mr. Nikhil Desai, Director.

Charu has always been unique with its collection of jewelry whether that is animal carved designs or designs that reflect the modern society and make your look 1000 times better and different from the usual crowd every time. An ethnic jewelry has its own flavour but when it is engraved with modernity it elopes and comes out to a different level of beauty. Every ornament that you pursue looks different every time you get into the crowd with your choice of jewels. The modern look and modern designs always look different from the gaggle and shine through.

Because every look needs to be exclusive, every piece of jewelry you wear needs to be extraordinarily beautiful and charming.

Charu Jewels- 12th Anniversary Celebration

Charu Jewels- 12th Anniversary Celebration

Charu Jewels- 12th Anniversary Celebration

Charu Jewels is enormously euphoric to hit the 12th Anniversary of a family they started in 2004. It is and has been a great gratification to succour their customers the ideal of what they can. Charu Jewels has always astonished everyone with its ideas, concepts and designs. From charming Charu to Colouring Your Senses, Charu Jewels has spread joyfulness in our lives and will continue to do the same.
It is the sparkle of the diamond that makes the lady’s smile sparkling and its precision that adds an explicit glimpse. From unceremonious to solemn, Charu jewels has played a vital role in a woman’s individuality, and will continue to do the same with more diligence and devotion. And yet again on the felicitous occasion of our 12th Anniversary they have brought a jouissance for their customers. Charu Jewels has organised a celebration offer from 13-15th May 2016. Charu Jewels is offering all the customers 15% worth FREE DIAMOND JEWELRY on their purchase.
Charu feels delighted and is looking further only with the objective of spreading more and more gaiety each year. On the commemoration of the anniversary, Charu decided to share its happiness with all their customers by offering them the gift of diamonds. Just like the elegance of jewelry is incomplete without being worn by a lady, the celebration is incomplete without your presence. Charu is and will always be grateful to their loyal customers, for it’s your love that has helped them reach this far. And they hope to grow, more and more each year only for you. Serving as a status symbol especially in forms of engagement rings, wedding bands, the combination of gold and diamond rings have always been an all time favourite of people from various strata of the society with no limitation on gender. The elegance delivered by the combination of diamonds and gold cannot be topped by other gemstones.

Charu Jewels is known for its quality work, and has always offered their customers what they love. And that is why they are sharing their happiness with all the beautiful and pretty ladies. With completing 12 long years of trust and gratitude towards one another, Charu is glad to also launch its IVAT COLLECTION this season. A collection of precious jewelry added together just for you. Defining the traditional aspect and reliving the old days of the Mughal Era, Charu jewels is honoured to bring to you the collection of heavy and traditional jewelry. With the epoch blend of Kundan and Polki, the collection gives a royal yet an elegant look at the same time, adding richness to your majesty, and bringing out the queen in you.
It is not just the happiness that Charu is spreading but is spreading joy through their fine artistry and is looking forward to be appreciated. Charu jewels is obliged and exuberant, to provide you with its finest collection of diamond jewelry worth 15% free. Charu has been experimenting for years, and has surprised all of us, with its extraordinary creativity of its concept and jewelry. Charu Jewels has been using the social media platform to reach its customers and share the current designs for their views and reviews. Diamonds attract attention with its spark and unbelievable radiance. A wide array of ornamental forms can be found such as rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets. These days, diamond jewelry is accompanied with a touch of gold which adds to its sparkle. Amongst a host of diamond jewelry, diamond rings serve an excellent accessory to enhance ones personality.

A woman’s persona is as bright as the sparkle in the diamond, her idiosyncrasy is as precise, and at point, as that of a perfectly cut diamond, she shines out in the crowd and Charu helps her build out her identity motley. It is she who polishes every bit of her personality with hard work and turns herself to a precious gemstone herself that anyone around her feels privileged to be a part of her life. The charisma she unfurls is what she truly showcases about herself. An elegant lady’s secret is her honest appearance and shining throughout is her brawn. Most of the women today prefer adorning themselves with round cut diamond rings that look elegant on their ring fingers and makes them stand out in a crowd. A small and sober looking diamond can make a difference, enhancing your personality, in case you are wearing at work. An unusual combination of white gold and yellow gold, making for a two toned bands with a raised diamond looks majestic. Gold and diamond rings match with any outfit that fulfils the need to look elegant and appealing in a crowd.

Charu Jewels has been the trailblazer of handcrafted diamond jewelry since 2004, and 12 years are long enough to build a notion in the minds of the people. It has been gaining trust of its customers time and again and hopes to continue its image same as until now. Charu’s forte of experimenting with their collection has changed the idea of jewelry in the industry. The ladies have graced themselves in the jewelry pieces of Charu, and each lady’s elegance is personified with the stone around her neck, her wrist and fingers, have looked graceful always. Be it occasions of weddings, parties, or any other success story, Charu feels immensely fortunate to have been part of all the smiles, laughs and giggles and the exquisite portrayal of every woman has added to the beauty of their jewelry. Lately, diamond rings with a touch of white gold have evolved as a style statement amongst women. Wearing trendy diamonds on their fingers with the most stunning cuts, particularly emerald cut diamond rings with prong settings, which gives a feminine edge to this combination of jewelry in particular. There are many styles of diamond rings with this amazing combination that has been adored by every woman for centuries.
Diamonds have been a woman’s best friend and the most desirable naturally occurring mineral of them all. But these days, it’s a dream come true for women when gifted with a ring that is embedded with a sparkling diamond. Diamond rings are worn on various occasions, especially when it comes to engagements and weddings. Having said that, a solitaire diamond ring is traditional and at the same time, trendy, that offers incredible emission of spark, especially, if it has to be a round brilliance, not forgetting the gold band, be it white gold or yellow gold.



The title has said a lot but is yet to connect with you. Being a Surat resident, you might be familiar with Charu Jewels as one of the renowned store in the city of Diamonds. #CharmingCharu has charmed your beloved’s personality with subtle shine and bold embrace. From ‘Saying it with the jewels’ to ‘Crafted only for you,’ it has been about the gems you would dress yourself with and only for you. Things have now taken a new outlook for you to trust Charu Jewels more than you ever did. With #ColourYourSenses being the new face of the campaign strategy, you must have felt the brightness and colour connect in their presentation.  With its launch on Holi- the colour festival, you have been introduced to those colourful strokes as enticing as the jewellery presented. The colourful play must have drawn your attention towards the jewellery as well. Glorious as Gold, Striking as Silver, Delightful as Diamonds and Charming as Charu, together they make an entrancing collaboration of beauty and their makers.

As you know single jewellery compliments different occasions, similarly Charu Jewels has now taken a step forward to bring in another picturesque of #ColourYourSenses. Apart from colours, NATURE is that another reflection of the campaign that focuses on the natural beauty complimenting the diamond beauties. The hustle of leaves, the calmness of wind, the majesties of environment, the nature around is as enthralling as jewellery you wear. The marvellous nature around has always been an amiable companion of you. The provider of your demands, Nature along with Charu Jewels is now giving you a fascinating joy to your jewellery. Diamonds and nature are the erudite masters of royalty and peace. The impeccable jewels have now established a rhythm with the Gods of nature. This is reflected on the campaign presentation. Creating something usual with an unusual and unique charm that would entice your personality with serene and subtle shine is what Charu Jewels wishes to give you. Minimalist Magic created by those minimal and delicate jewelleries gives you an insight about the calm and composed quality of the nature around you. The nature also plays with colours through their seasons. From pastels to darker shades, nature has variety of colours to showcase and each colour compliments those jewellery showcased. Surprisingly, this emotion which was at times unnoticed is now the speaker of its beauty. The majesties of the environment have always witnessed the glory of jewelleries. Those unsung stories of jewellery and nature is now seen by you and the creators- Charu Jewels take pride in connecting to you the natural way.

The summers, the spring, the rains, the autumn, are now presented in a charming way. As meticulous as you, the jewels and nature couldn’t connect to you in a better way. Those water droplets will now compliment your rough-cut beauties, diamonds. The auspicious beads of your mangalsutra will be connecting to you with its composed attributes. With Charu Jewels you can again and forever Colour Your Senses with Serenity, Subtle and Shine.


Charu creative - 03Familiar to you, must have heard about it or seen it’s advertisements. Just like any other jewellery store, this one too has seen a balanced ratio of struggle and success. Their belief in maintaining a ‘common yet uncommon’ persistence has made them hold a strong possession in people’s mind. You might be associating every jewellery brand either with an adjective or model or their campaigns, but the one you are reading about can be associated with their urge to be an innovative brand in its own. Breaking the stereotype of similarities in jewellery, they have engraved their pillar of solidarity and uniqueness. CHARU JEWELS is the answer to the praise you read and they too truly own their appraisal like a boss. Being the heart of Surat City, Charu Jewels has always made a point to serve their customers and clients the best of their store. Their magical play with the edgy diamonds and golden rust has always resulted into a glorious victory of producing impeccable jewellery. Having dedicated their journey of hard-work and glory to its people, Charu Jewels is indeed the one that will cater your need for a beautiful piece of jewellery.

The pioneer in designing diamond jewellery started their journey in 1989. The constant quest for an extraordinary designs and creations, culminating service, irreplaceable quality and handcrafted jewellery have not only embarked their growth and recognition but have also made Charu Jewels bring home several awards and nominations. Located at Surat- the land of diamonds, they have flourished immensely and is now one of the trusted brands in the industry. From bridal jewels to minimal wear, this brand has a lot to offer you. Name an occasion and you shall find the perfect match for all your festivals at Charu Jewels. This jewellery brand is indeed made for people like you who has the spark of wearing style class apart or let’s just say jewellery class apart. With 25 years in this industry, the jewels they still create are never seen before and they truly glorify your personality once you choose them. Till date they make sure to connect to you in every way possible. They are happy to serve you with joyous pleasures of wearing diamond jewellery.

Talking about their brand equity, Charu Jewels has always made a point to create a long-lasting impact and is still keeping its best foot forward to turn it into an ever-lasting impression. From different campaigns like the ‘crafted only for you’ to ‘colour your senses,’ the brand impact on you has been the reason for them to deliver you an infinite galore of creative jewellery. Associating their products with a single colour black or with different strokes of bright colours, you must have surely felt an attraction towards their uniqueness of highlighting their jewellery. Trust Charu Jewels and you shall always be known for your flawless fashion and divine diamonds.

 Purity, Pride and Power- an extravagant yet rare combination to find and feel through diamond jewellery. But yes #CharmingCharu has it in store for you.